exercises for horse riders to balance your seat

Exercises For Horse Riders To Balance Your Seat

Have you ever wished you could ride better? I know I did and still do to this day!

I remember quite a few years ago when I came to realise that no matter what I did if I couldn’t sit better on my horse I was never going to become the horse rider/trainer that I wanted to be. I decided then and there that I was going to commit to improving my seat so I researched some exercises and then made the decision that I was going to do them every time I rode my horse for 6 weeks. If they didn’t make any difference I would never do them again. To this day I still do exercises on my horse to keep myself loose and supple – particularly as I get older.

I believe that if you expect your horse to be able to balance himself and be the best he can be then YOU have a responsibility to be balanced and the best rider you can.

Today’s video shows you the exercises that I did in the early days and I continue to do them or some version of them to this day. Start them at the walk and work your way up to trot and canter.

I’m here to tell you If I can do it so can you! It just takes time and commitment. I know you have both.

Spider has asked me to point out that this video is from a couple of years ago and he is a little trimmer now LOL.

Here is the VIDEO

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