Signs Your Mare Is Close To Foaling

Signs Your Mare Is Close To Foaling

I always want to be around when my mares are going to foal. I know that most births do ahead without complications BUT if it is going to have a complication than I want to be there to help.

There are quite a few signs that your mare is close to delivering her baby and in today’s video, I take you through some of them. You will get to see what they look like on my mare Kizzy. She had her beautiful foal 48 hours after filming this and to foaling, she did have a little hiccough during the foaling so I was glad I was there to help.

I always make sure I have brushed up on my emergency delivery procedure and my mares wear a foaling alarm so they can’t sneak it out when I’m not looking

You can go HERE to see the foaling video.

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