Sitting Trot

Sitting Trot – How We REALLY Do It.

Do you struggle with sitting trot?

I know I did and it still is not my favourite thing BUT the more I do it the better and easier it gets and here is how I would like to help you.

In today’s video, I want to share with you the one thing that truly changed my sitting trot from a “bouncing all over the place” look to something that has some resemblance of elegance. I will show you how I move my seat/pelvis when I’m working in sitting trot. I had to do this as an active action (by this I mean I had to think about doing it and make my pelvis move) until my body could take over and do the action subconsciously. I show you how I do this from the ground (you are NOT allowed to laugh at my hip action LOL) then I take it on the horse and show you how it looks from there.

I give you 3 other things to focus on while you are working on your sitting trot and these all work together to help you make it look effortless (which I know it isn’t but it does get easier I promise).

In the beginning, I was often out of sync with the horse and when this happened it felt particularly dreadful. I kept practising and eventually, I would get a few steps where my hip movement was in time with the horses’, then I would lose it, then I would find it again, then I would lose it! Those periods of finding it got longer and longer. Hallelujah!!

I also found that I could only do a few steps before my muscles fatigued and I ran out of puff. It was hard work but like anything else that requires muscular strength, you have to build up stamina. It doesn’t happen overnight but if you work at it I promise you will get there.

I hope these tips help you as much as they helped me and remember, no laughing at my “on the ground” part of the video 😆!

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